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Issue 216 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 216 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 216 August 25th, 2018

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Atomic clocks' final tock
The atomic clock time signal station that synchronizes time devices, may be shut down next year if a presidential budget request passes as proposed.
The SWLing Post
QRP experiment with FT8Call
Even with a relatively small amount of output power, I’m having keyboard to keyboard QSOs with stations in Europe and North Africa.
Antenna sales are rising
The lowly, unsightly TV antenna, consigned to garages or forgotten altogether when people switched to cable and satellite services for TV, is rising again.
Star Tribune
Using a HackRF to spoof GPS navigation in cars and divert drivers
This uses a clever algorithm that ensures that the spoofed GPS location remains consistent with the actual physical road networks, to avoid the driver noticing that anything is wrong.
Using multi-meters
Multi-meters have the ability to measure voltage, current and resistance and more expensive models may add other functions such as temperature.
6m lightweight delta loop for sporadic E
This is a simple, cheap, lightweight horizontally polarised somewhat-directional antenna.
Antenna comparison on 6m during a Sporadic-E opening
I’ve been operating on 6m using two less than ideal antennas and was interested to see how they compared during a recent opening on 6m.
Adventures in Ham Radio
What is VSWR: Voltage Standing Wave Ratio
Standing waves are a key value for any system using transmission lines / feeders where measurements of the VSWR, Voltage Standing Wave Ratio are important.
Send APRS objects or telemetry via Bash
This is to internet only, not to RF.


FT8Call quick start guide basics calling CQ and QSO
I'm having fun with this new FT8Call and I think you will too.
Speaker wire antenna
In this video I show you my infamous speaker wire antenna.
3D printed universal cable fix
A 3D printed small enclosure that can be used as a join box for cables or cords,

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