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Issue 217 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 217 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 217 September 1st, 2018

Top links

SharkRF announces OpenSPOT 2
DMR, D-STAR, Fusion, NXDN, P25, and POCSAG capable hotspot now has Wi-Fi support.
Petition Drive to Save WWV/WWVH
Two petitions have been started on the White House's "We the People" petition site calling for restoration of funding for these two essential radio stations.
CQ Newsroom
μWWVB: A Tiny WWVB Station
Build your own GPS sourced atomic clock sync.
cat /var/log/life
Enter two grid squares to learn when contact via satellite is possible between those two locations.
FCC Podcast: More than Seven Dirty Words
The Official FCC Podcast will bring you interviews with FCC staff and others in the communications space.
The Rebirth of Radio Astronomy
"Radio waves heard from remote space," announced The New York Times in May 1933. "Sound like steam from a radiator after traveling 30,000 light-years."
Catch some shortwave pirate radio action this Labor Day weekend
Shortwave pirates love to operate on long holiday weekends.
The SWLing Post
New NOAA APT Image Decoder
A new NOAA APT image decoder that can run on both Linux and Windows.


Icom 7610 HDSDR Installation and Settings
An overview installing HDSDR, installing Icom 7610 I/Q package and settings in HDSDR for the Icom 7610.
N4KGL EM28/EM29 Gridline AO-92 Kansas
AO-92 pass 1615 UTC on levee next to Riverfront Park near Lawrence Kansas.

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