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Issue 219 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 219 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 219 September 22nd, 2018

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Beta version WSJT-X 2.0 boasts major changes
Support for standard ARRL Field Day exchanges, such as 6A SNJ and "significantly better sensitivity" (about 1 dB) for the WSPR decoder.
Fundraising campaign for critical ISS radio infrastructure upgrade
AMSAT and ARISS are currently supporting a FundRazr campaign to raise $150,000 for critical radio infrastructure upgrade on ISS to enable students to talk to astronauts in space via amateur radio.
SOTA and Mental Health - how it's helping
SOTA, Amateur Radio, and how it is helping me fight depression and anxiety.
A Step by Step Tutorial to Receiving GOES-16 Images
A step-by-step guide to setting up a GOES weather satellite receiver with an RTL-SDR dongle, Raspberry Pi and the goestools software.
Getting on HF: The Fiddle Factor
The Fiddle Factor is the interaction of multiple barriers to getting on HF.
Where a choke chokes
Common mode current suspicions. Various tests of the venerable N9TAX dual band ladder line J antenna suggest the coax becomes rf hot at UHF. It was time to quantify this behavior in the lab.
Magnum Experimentum
Run a Raspberry Pi Program on Boot
Our newest (sorta-Python-related) tutorial shows you a few ways to run a script whenever a Raspberry Pi boots up.
Yellowstone Parks On The Air Adventure and Lessons Learned
Cell service is very, very limited in the park. Data service is non existent if you use AT&T like I did. Therefore there was no way for me to self spot on the cluster.
About Microphones
A primer on mics for Ham Radio.
Tesla Opens with Precomputed Key Fob Attack
This hack precomputes a ton of data, looks for a collision in the dataset, and opens the door. Here’s how it works.
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