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Issue 219 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 219 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 220 September 29th, 2018

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Did the FCC just make Baofengs illegal? Short answer: No
What is illegal is selling radios without FCC certification or selling radios “outside of their designed use.”
Chattervox: Chat over packet radio
An AX.25 packet radio chat protocol with support for digital signatures and binary compression. Like IRC over radio waves.
Reboot Amateur Radio Podcast
Episode 1 Futuristic Technology: AREDN – Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network
Mossel Bay Mesh Network
Shortwave radio evolves into an IoT network
KNL Networks is building a mesh network of base stations on ships for securely transmitting operational and machinery data to shore.
Maritime Digitalisation & Communications
Over and out: CB radio-maker struggles to adjust to Trump tariffs
The Consumer Technology Association has heard from hundreds of U.S. member companies hurt by the levies, many of which are small businesses ill equipped for this sort of tumult.
The Washington Post
The Sudden Scratch Built SSB Transceiver
This is a true scratch built, homebrew project.
FT8 – A personal critique
FT8 doesn’t garner universal love from the amateur community, in fact it seems to polarise us; you either love it or you hate it.
Shortwave used to complete first ‘off-grid’ cryptocurrency transaction
Could blockchain help after disaster strikes?
The Next Web


First DX QRP: 3,800 miles at 2.5 Watts
Yaesu Ft-818 and the Z-817 AutoTuner with a Carolina Windom. Initial contact was at 2.5 watts, then increased power to 6 W to complete the QSO.
Kent Oviatt

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