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Issue 221 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 221 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 221 October 6th, 2018

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October 7-13: Fire Prevention Week Amateur Radio Special Event
Fire Prevention Week special event stations N0F, N1F, N2F, N3F, N4F, N5F, N6F, N7F, N8F, and N9F will be QRV October 7-13. Plus the wildcard stations: KF2IRE and VE3FIRE.
Siemens Fire Safety USA Amateur Radio Club
An interview with Howard Michel, WB2ITX, the new ARRL CEO
I think that you'll find this to be a great interview. Howard has won me over, and I hope that he'll win you over, too.
ARRL, FCC Discussing Uncertified Imported VHF/UHF Transceivers
The Advisory broadly prohibits the ‘use’ of such radios, but our view is that there is no such prohibition relative to licensed Amateur Radio use.
A new antenna using single atoms
We may be on the verge of so-called "atomic radio," thanks to the development of a new type of antenna capable of receiving signals across a much wider range of frequencies (more than four octaves) that is highly resistant to electromagnetic interference.
Ars Technica
Hustler 6BTV Installation Update
While this is a great antenna, it requires a substantial amount of work installed in a ‘ground-mount’ configuration.
About Microphones
A primer on mics for Ham Radio.
Connecting an RTL-SDR Panadapter to a uBITX
uBITX is a fully analogue radio, but it can be combined with an RTL-SDR to create a panadapter display.


How Solar Cells Work
Today I want to cover solar cells and solar power systems - partly because renewable energy is such a huge pursuit in our community.
Receive Beautiful Images of the Earth Directly From Space | GOES-16
While it's a bit harder to receive data from GOES the extra effort is absolutely worth it.
The Thought Emporium

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