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Issue 223 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 223 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 223 November 3rd, 2018

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FT8 – Tipping Point for Ham Radio?
What will kill amateur radio is if we we cease to innovate, become old and grumpy, and no longer bring new blood into the hobby.
JS8Call QSO Party
Whether you like a quick exchange or a long rag-chew, this event is for you.
Ham fined $25,000 for operating unlicensed FM station
Following up on February 2015 complaints regarding pirate radio operations in Paterson, FCC agents spotted a signal on 90.9 MHz that “appeared to be an unauthorized radio station.”
Pass Recorder
Pass Recorder will sit in the background waiting for a satellite pass to be above 0 degrees and record the audio to a wav file. (Windows Only)
Build a 433MHz radio chat device
Add a cheap 433MHz radio to your Raspberry Pi to send wireless messages without WiFi and operate remote-control main sockets.
The MagPi
Early Amateur Radio In The Canadian Arctic
In the 1930s people working in Canada’s Arctic often brought their amateur radio skills and equipment north with them so that they could relieve the isolation by contacting other radio operators around the world.
New amateur satellite forum aims to help newcomers
This is a forum where everyone can report on experiences and knowledge from operating satellites and thereby help other newly interested radio amateurs to become active and a member of our satellite community.
History of white LEDs
Infrared, red, and even green LEDs were “easy,” but blue LEDs require a much larger bandgap, and therefore required more exotic materials.
Hack A Day


ISS SSTV Passes Oct 28, 2018
Here are many International Space Station Slow Scan TV photos that I captured on October 28 & 29.
Review of Geochron 4K World Clock
For 50 years, Geochron made a classic, mechanical clock showing the time across the world as well as areas of light and dark. Well, they've now gone electronic with the new Geochron 4K.
David Casler

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