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Issue 227 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 227 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 227 December 22nd, 2018

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Holiday Serenade on Sideband from Antarctica
This year, Ham Radio operators and SWLs around the world are invited to listen in and email listener reports.
AO-85 battery issues
Today the nominally 3.6v pack was down to 2.8v at the end of the eclipse. That is dangerously low.
Logbook of The World Tops 1 Billion QSO Records
A more important statistic may be the nearly 187 million contacts confirmed via LoTW over its 15-year history.
FT8DMC: FT8 Digital Mode Club
Everyone with a love of FT8 is welcome to join our club. All FT8DMC members are eligible to participate in various club's activities and award programmes.
[PDF] Satellite Roving in the Northwest Territories
A young ham braves rough, snowy terrain to activate rare grids.
QST Magazine
How-to: Ham Desk Project
The last Ham Radio shack desk I ever need.
A Look At Foot Switches
Foot switches were never a must-have Amateur Radio accessory… that is until I started contesting about 12 years ago.
How-to: Receive HF SSTV with Raspberry Pi and RTL-SDR
You can also use this system to receive SSTV from the ISS (International Space Station) at 145.800 Mhz.


DRAWS Ham Radio Digi Mode HAT for Raspberry Pi First Look
DRAWS HAT makes integrating the Raspberry Pi with an HF radio easier and less expensive than ever before.
Feld Hell in action
First test with two Hell machines.

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