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Issue 235 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 235 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 235 March 30th, 2019

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Last chance: 2019 State of the Hobby Survey
This benchmark can help us determine what is working and what is not in the ham radio community. This can involve participation, recruitment, mentoring and licensing. It can also help identify new and emerging trends in amateur radio. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and share with others in the hobby.
ISS SSTV transmissions April 1-2
Cosmonauts on the International Space Station will again be transmitting SSTV images, April 1-2, on 145.800 MHz FM as part of the Inter-MAI-75 experiment.
FCC considers changes to Amateur Radio Licensing
The FCC has invited public comments on two proposals to change the licensing requirements for amateur radio operators.
Bryan Broadcasting Asks FCC to Allow All-Digital AM
Permitting such modernization would “give AM broadcasters a needed innovative tool with which to compete” without harming others in the spectrum ecosystem.
Radio World
6 meter amplifier — testing and setup
I’ve added a TE Systems 0510G 6 meter amplifier set up for 10 watts in and 170 watts out.
ARES helps Iowa water utility resolve RFI issue
After a process of elimination, the ARES volunteers pinpointed the interfering signal.
How to get into DMR without a radio
It begins by acquiring a special USB Dongle that contains an analog to digital and digital to analog IC chip.
Making a 1940s radio digital with nixies
The rest of the build consists of fixing up an old radio and gluing the veneer down again with modern glues that will last another seventy years.
Hack A Day


Volunteer first responders use CB Radio
Volunteers at Imperial Dam Long Term Visitor Area in California use CB Radio as communications method.

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