Issue 236 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 236 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 236 April 30th, 2019

Editor's Note

After a three year hiatus, ARW is back! Technically this is a soft re-launch while I wrap up a final graduate school class and get back into the swing of the hobby. (New issues may be sporadic while getting caught up.) In the meantime, I'm anxious to see what Ham Radio has been up to the past few years. I've missed putting these together and look forward to gracing your inbox with the latest that Amateur Radio has to offer!
K4HCK Cale

Top links

Visit the place where the Voice of America began
Walk inside for a tour and the first stop is a room full of ham radio enthusiasts and a docent who has all the answers.
Columbus Alive
Spotlight on broadcast tower climbers in new documentary
A feature-length documentary titled “Vertical Freedom,” which highlights the professional and personal lives of six communications infrastructure workers in the United States.
Radio World
Amateur Radio payload for the Chinese Space Station
The IARU satellite frequency coordination panel report an application has been submitted for an Amateur Radio payload to be hosted on the Tiangong space station.
DIY bench PSU is easy on the budget
It becomes necessary to graduate from wall warts and USB power breakout boards and move up to something more substantial.
Hack A Day
Doge Coin transactions sent over HF
This offline transaction was transmitted over HF radio to a regional hub more than 150 miles away in Colorado, USA.
Tech Story
Special event station USA-N1D this weekend
Athens Radio Club (Georgia, USA) commemorates the University of Georiga football national championship April 30th through May 1st.
Athens Radio Club
Grigoriopol transmitter destroyed
Out of service is one 500 kW and the other a 1000 kW station capable of transmitting waves over any distance.
Hamshack Hotline
Hamshack Hotline is a free, dedicated VOIP telecom service for the Ham Radio community.
Hamshack Hotline


YouTube Presentation: Tennessee Statewide Skywarn Net
Laura, N4CLO presents an overview of how severe weather nets operate at the county and state levels in Tennessee.
Radio Amateur Training Planning and Activities Committee (RATPAC)

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