Issue 238 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 238 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 238 May 14th, 2022

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ARRL 2022 Field Day Guide [PDF]
Tips for success, checklists, antennas, and more.
Shortwave radio is resurfacing as a tool in Ukraine
BBC has gone old school, broadcasting their news service on the shortwave frequency to counter Russian propaganda about the war.
CTV News
POTA: No antenna, no problem
I'm a pretty organized field radio guy if I do say so myself.
Old RadioShack catalogs is an archive of old RadioShack catalogs from 1939-2011.
HF/FM digital chat reinvented
VarAC is a modern HF P2P real-time chatting application for the Amateur Radio operator that leverages the VARA protocol.
ARES activated in Oklahoma for tornado clean-up
ARES was needed for 8 hours until cellular and wired communications were restored.
Sunken tour boat used cost-cutting Ham Radio
The negligence in the management of tour boat operations has been brought to the fore.
The Mainichi
Bicycling with radio
With the antenna mount on the bike having proven itself - and with a new microprocessor in the TR-35 - I set out from Floral City FL.


Seven stupid things every Ham needs
The title says it all.
Digial VFO dial
si5351 VFO with adaptive step control
Drums speak Morse Code
The fastest way to learn a new language? By playing it.

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