Issue 240 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 240 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 240 May 28th, 2022

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KE9V's final Hamvention report
While Kenwood didn't show, TenTec did.
With Varying Frequency
Shortwave radio art log
Carlos Latuff shares his radio log art of a recent Voice of Korea broadcast.
SWLing Post
Long-distance text communication with LoRa
An excellent off-grid device for anyone where cell phone reception is a concern.
Hack A Day
EMCOMM: What is AUXCOMM and why is it important?
As a specially trained Ham Radio operator serving as an AUXCOMM Communicator, you can be asked to perform many different tasks associated with emergency communications.
A history and critique of Field Day logos
This logo is nice. It is visually appealing, free-flowing, yet more sophisticated than a lot of the logos.
Radio Artisan
Wireless power transmission using 10 GHz
KJ4IKI and team at U.S. Naval Research Laboratory have succeeded in transferring 1.6 kw of power over a 1 km path using 10 GHz.
When you haven't been on the air in a long time
you tend to forget how much fun it is.
Undead satellites
in 2020 Scott Tilley found that the telemetry beacon for LES-5 was still transmitting at 236.75 MHz.
Interesting Engineering


Florida residents broadcast Ukraine war news to Russian citizens
WRMI in central Florida has become one of the largest shortwave radio operations in the world.
CBS News
Playing classic games over Amateur Radio
NPR-70 Modem, TCP/IP, Unreal Tournament, and OpenRA
Signals Everywhere
HF bandsweep with the Hammarlund HQ-100
Radio Marti, 40 meter AM, 40 Meter SSB, 40 meter FT-8, 40 meter CW with and without the Q multiplier.


The ARRL Digital Contest is next weekend, June 4-5. exchange QSO information with other amateurs using any digital mode (excluding RTTY) that supports the 4-digit Grid Square exchange. More info
Super flexible, glow in the dark, handmade, ultra-lightweight, and nearly indestructible antennas outperform stock HT rubber ducks.
Special event station W9IMS is active at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with special SQL cards.
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