Issue 243 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 243 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 243 June 18th, 2022

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Ham Radio lending library
Request Ham Radio books from the W0RW lending library. All you pay is postage.
K4SWL Antenna Plus
A random wire antenna that is 29.5 long with a 17 foot counterpoise.
Cloudlog web based logger app
Open-source PHP & MySQL based Amateur Radio logging application.
Morse Code USB/HID Interface
The Gadget is an adapter that allows you to connect up a Morse Code (CW) Key or Paddle as a keyboard to any device with a USB port.
Student project enables Hams to experiment in the 33cm band
ARDC grant enables Bradley University students to develop an open-source, 915 MHz digital transceiver system.
Radio telescope detects candidate signals of alien life
China's Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) found potential signs of intelligent aliens on Tuesday.
Why did sunspots disappear for 70 years?
Sunspot numbers rise and fall, rise and fall… except for that time that they disappeared and weren't seen again for 70 years.
Test receive with a Square Halo Antenna
It is two wires together with only one connected to the balun.


Vacuum tube analog digital converter
How one of the first high speed analog to digital converters used an amazing vacuum tube to achieve 12 million samples per second.
Antique Wireless Museum
Bad oscilloscope is bad.
Review and teardown of a FNIRSI 1014D digital storage oscilloscope.
Kerry Wong
Winlink in the field
W6AH hikes out to Piedra Blanca to try to send Winlink email traffic via Ham Radio.
[Music Video] Propagation
Propagation, a music video by young Radio Amateurs from SP7ZCN.


100' LMR 400 Type Feed Line - PL-259 to PL-259 - Lowest loss cable
Dual band 2 meter / 70 cm Open-Stub J-Pole antenna for a portable go kit.
16 channel screenless dual-band analog HT with 1700 mAh (12.58 Wh) Li-ion Battery. Wouxun KG-UVA1-V2
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