Issue 244 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 244 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 244 June 25th, 2022

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ISS repeater to be active for Field Day
ARRL has confirmed that successful radio contacts made through the ISS repeater will count as a Field Day QSO.
K6GTE Field Day logger
This is a simple logger meant for single op.
Minimizing interference on Field Day
Whenever two or more transceivers are used in close proximity, there is some level of interference involved.
W1AW Field Day Bulletin schedule
W1AW and Maritime Radio Historical Society station K6KPH will transmit at various times the official W1AW Field Day Bulletin using CW, Phone, and various digital modes.
Field Day strategies to maximize scores and fun
Let's take a look at the general strategies of each of the major approaches to Field Day.
Find a Field Day event near you
Browse the ARRL Field Day 2022 map to locate a public Field Day event happening near your location.
AMSAT Field Day 2022 on the satellites
The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT) promotes its own version of Field Day held concurrently with the ARRL event.
A stealthy POTA activation
I wanted to see just how stealthy I could be while operating from a park bench in a city park.
Low cost shielding for plastic RTL-SDRs
Generic RTL-SDRs that come with a plastic enclosure can be prone to picking up interference.
Learning Morse Code the best way
There is nothing wrong with slow speed CW, but I wanted to improve and I was hoping it would improve my memory too.


Insane 20cm aluminum foil antenna for 10m
Awesome 20cm antenna made of aluminum foil.
QRP Lifestyle
Probing broadband cable networks with with a spectrum analyzer
How hybrid fiber-coaxial internet and TV broadband networks work.
Double A Labs

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