Issue 246 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 246 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 246 July 16th, 2022

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New: The Yaesu FT-710 HF + 6 meter radio
N9UPC discusses the recently announced Yasesu FT-710 SDR based HF radio.
Yaesu USA
Backdoor in KiwiSDR gives root to project developer
Users are rattled after learning their devices and networks were exposed.
Ars Technica
Build your own Ham Radio
This is a fully functional CW transceiver kit operating on 40m for $35.
Raspberry Pi Pico W
Raspberry Pi Pico W is priced at $6, and brings 802.11n wireless networking to the Pico platform.
Raspberry Pi
Reverse-engineering the Apollo spacecraft's FM radio
Most communication took place over a high-frequency radio link that supported audio, telemetry, scientific data, and television images.
Field Day 2022: 500,000 contacts already reported
So far, a total of over 517,000 contacts were reported for the event and those numbers are changing daily.
COVID pandemic sparks Ham Radio renaissance in Japan
The membership of the Japan Amateur Radio League had been falling steadily, but is now on the rise.
Watch out for RTL-SDR counterfeits
We've recently seen new counterfeit products appearing on marketplaces with enclosures that look almost exactly like our originals.
FCC enforcement circa 1941
Clipping from the New York Times archive: Special plane and mobile unit catch MA man.
SWLing Post
Tennessee Governor recognizes Hams
"The 19,835 licensed amateur radio operators who reside in Tennessee provide invaluable services."
Smoky Barn News
My lightweight backpacking SOTA equipment
I set myself a limit of maximum one kilogram of additional weight for the SOTA activities during my hikes.


AM broadcast band filter
AM broadcast band filter before and after.

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