Issue 247 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 247 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 247 July 23rd, 2022

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10 Amateur Radio CubeSats deployed from ISS
On July 21, during a spacewalk by Samantha Cristoforetti IZ0UDF and Oleg Artemyev, 10 Amateur Radio CubeSats were deployed from the International Space Station.
Newsletter: Zero Retries
Zero Retries is a unique, quirky little highly independent, opinionated, self-published newsletter about technological innovation in Amateur Radio.
Steve N8GNJ
PicSat returns to life after 4 years
The French PicSat scientific satellite, which also carries an Amateur Radio transponder, has come back to life after four years of silence.
CQ Newsroom
Why I send 72 instead of 73
72 is the QRP version of 73.
QO-100 APRS iGate
Why not have an iGate listening on the QO-100 satellite?
Why are some automakers ditching AM radio?
Electromagnetic frequencies generated by EV motors occupy the same wavelength as AM radio signals.
Australia: Number of new Radio Hams declines
This is in direct contrast to an increase in the numbers of new amateurs in both the USA and UK which saw a significant increase in numbers especially during the last 2 years.
DIY LiFePO4 Battery – Pocket Portable
It is purpose built for a balance of size, weight, energy density and storage capacity.
Hams with disabilities gain tools with the Handiham Program
The Courage Kenny Handiham Program was established to provide tools for people with disabilities and help them become licensed Hams.


[Repost] Baofeng UV-5R Extreme Radio Test
Run over, frozen, and burned. The UV-5R keeps going.
North Tower World Trade Center rooftop
Views of the vast antenna arrays and effect of RF on the camera equipment.
Packing a road bike for Ham Radio portable ops
Packing radios, antennas, and a mast in the frame bag of a road bike.
Alternative QRP radio power
This power source is fueled by Cheetos and water.


BCR-40U UHF Repeater designed and assembled in the USA.
Shortwave Radiogram July 21-26 July in MFSK modes.
Super-Elastic Signal Stalk 2 meter flexible antenna.
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