Issue 248 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 248 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 248 July 30th, 2022

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sBitx: New HF SDR transceiver
The sBitx is a 40 watts, fully open source, high performance HF SDR transceiver with in-built popular modes like the FT8, RTTY, PSK31.
HF Signals
Russia to pull out of International Space Station
Russia says it will withdraw from the International Space Station (ISS) after 2024.
Helping Secure Amateur Radio's digital future
On the forefront of these efforts is Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC), a private foundation dedicated to supporting amateur radio and digital communication.
Hack A Day
Homebrew vertical antenna for POTA
4 radials affords a full suite of HF bands.
Contacting the MIR Space Station
Contact made with a 4 element Yagi pointed out my bedroom window.
All the things one Ham knows [PDF]
A comprehensive scrapbook of 50 years of antenna design, ideas, notes, and more.
QST now offering a column for radio clubs
This column is a space for radio clubs to share the different ways in which they’re successful to help other clubs grow.
NYC-area landlords get pirate letters
Under federal law, anyone who allows pirate radio broadcasting on a property can face significant financial penalties.
Radio World
How does the James Webb Telescope phone home?
To facilitate data transfers, the JWST has a 0.6 meter diameter Ka-band high-gain antenna.
Hack A Day
Feeding end-fed antennas
Voltage-Fed, End-Fed, or Both?
Weather-Resistant 4:1 UNUN
Used as part of a Rybakov vertical, with a 26-foot radiator supported by a Jackite pole.
Decoding Inmarsat STD-C
STD-C is a marine satellite service that broadcasts search and rescue, coast guard messages, news, weather, and incident reports.


Ham Radio Prep makes it easy to get your amateur radio license
Feld Hell contest this weekend: Worked All Americas Sprint
Contest: 2022 Flight of the Bumblebees, Sunday, July 31
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