Issue 249 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 249 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 249 August 6th, 2022

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Sun could be in strongest cycle since records began
Not only is Earth suddenly spinning faster, but our Sun is getting more active than NASA predicted.
ISS astronauts favorite ham radio contact
NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren KO5MOS describes his contact with 8-year-old Isabella.
Two new bands for Canadian Amateurs
There are two major new additions to Amateur spectrum in Canada.
A most unusual QSL card
A Great Britain call sign with multiple numbers in the middle?
SWLing Post
Offline repeater directory app
Repeater-START, the offline repeater listing app for Windows and Linux is available with grid square display and topographical maps.
What is a screwdriver antenna?
The original DK-3 Screwdriver Antenna design was created by Don Johnson, W6AAQ.


New ARRL Radio Lab
An innovative test space designed to reshape the way we imagine and build a ham radio shack.
sBitx working FT8 mode with logging
FT8 integrated into the sBitx transceiver.
Ashhar Farhan
Real-time POTA activation
This video documents an entire POTA activation.
WSPR Desktop Transmitter
A stand-alone multi-band WSPR transmitter with built-in GPS for antenna testing and experimentation.
Tech Minds
Volcanos on the Air
It was a long hike through the night, but the sunrise was worth it.

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