Issue 251 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 251 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 251 August 20th, 2022
Editor's Note: ARW is once again excited to be simulcast each week on Thanks to Matt, W1MST for opening up ARW to a larger audience. -Cale K4HCK

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APRS and voice repeater on ISS now operating simultaneously
Simultaneous operations of the ARISS voice repeater and digital APRS communications on the Space Station is now a reality.
Inaugural Young Amateurs Radio Club Event
The inaugural Worked All YARC Zones event from September 1st to September 15th.
Tape measure antenna efficiency
Scrape the yellow paint and make a copper bath if high radiation performance is desired.
Volunteer Monitor program report for July 2022
Notices for unlicensed operation on 2-meter amateur frequencies were sent to two logging companies in Kettle Falls, Washington.
Mini AM radio transmitter kit
A tiny $25 mediumwave transmitter kit.
SWLing Post
An off-grid wind and solar powered satellite image receiver
A very impressive remote off-grid radio satellite image receiver setup by DO3MLA.
Lightweight choke balun
A Choke balun using RG-316.
This weekend: International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend
The ILLW attracts over 500 lighthouse entries located in over 40 countries.
Five types of operators you should want to be
Here are five examples that you can aspire to.
Starlink ground stations successfully hacked
The hack is a modchip with an RP2040 and a MOSFET that crowbars the power rails.
Hack A Day


Radio assembly line 1942 Holland
The Erres KY-418 radio set assembly line.
Vintage SONY Japan manufacturing plants
Snapshots of Trinitron TV, video tape recorder, semiconductors, and more.
Computer History Archives Project
CornTenna QRP SSB
Today we find out if a green stalk of corn has enough conductance to radiate a 5 Watt QRP signal.


Handheld Radio Field Guide: just the info you need to program over 80 handheld VHF/UHF radios from the keypad for repeater operation. Great for new ham classes/instructors/public service/emcomm!
100 foot length of LMR-400 feed line with PL-259 connectors on each end.
Emergency two-way radios for SHTF prepping. 5, 7, and 8 Watt Amateur Radio HTs.
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