Issue 254 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 254 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 254 September 10th, 2022

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Amateur Radio is still a thing. Here's why
Once dismissed as an “old man's hobby,” Amateur Radio has grown in popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic.
ARRL to grant $500,000 to clubs
ARRL will enable clubs to more easily provide and expand their important services.
Chasing weather balloons with Software-Defined Radio
How to hunt for downed radiosonde beacons with a cheap SDR receiver.
IEEE Spectrum
BBC Radio 4 Short Cuts: Treetop Antennas
From the forests of North Carolina, USA to the city of Kyiv, Ukraine - two Ham Radio enthusiasts seek each other out.
9/11 special event
Station WA2NYC will operate as a remembrance of the 21st anniversary of the attack of the World Trade Center in New York City.
Amateur Radio Operator to honor broadcast engineers lost on 9/11
New England Ham Radio Repeater to be dedicated to their memory.
DIY solder fume extractor
A 3D printed enclosure, a motor salvaged from a cheap toy quadcopter, and a custom PCB which uses the ATtiny13 and an AO4406 MOSFET to implement a PWM speed control.
Hack A Day
Boats on the Air
Boats on the Air was created to combine two passions: boating and ham radio!
Boats on the Air
Why do some VFOs tune more linearly than others?
For a given amount of VFO frequency dial turn you can get vastly different changes in frequency.


DEF CON 30: Ham Radio Village interview
The lowdown on the Ham Radio Village at DEF CON 30.
KYET AM stereo radio station transmitter tour
Tour of AM stereo broadcast radio station.
openSPOT 4: Did the best get better?
We take a look at the new cross-mode openSPOT 4 from SharkRF.
Tech Minds
Digging to create an efficient under house workshop
This video takes you through the journey, the problems faced and the solutions I came up with to get the most out of the space.
Teaching Tech
Classic Mac running APRS
Macintosh SE/30 receiving APRS packets via a vintage TNC.

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