Issue 256 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 256 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 256 October 1st, 2022

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Hams continue response to Ian
Over 125 specific reports have been filed to the National Hurricane Center.
Amateur Radio Satellite from Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe's first satellite ZimSat-1, carrying an Amateur Radio APRS digipeater is expected to be be launched to the ISS in October.
A cheap amplifier kit off Aliexpress for a few bucks
It worked, but not very well. The input SWR was 5:1.
Hams you should know: Walter Cronkite, KB2GSD
Known among radio enthusiasts as the most trusted Ham in Amateur Radio.
Build an HF Ham Radio dipole antenna
Use a few simple components at a minimal cost and get great results.
Electronics Notes
Similarities of current Yaesu rigs
Yaesu's about-to-be-available FT-710 is a curious specimen.
QDX is an excellent digital modes transceiver
What is astonishing is how good the transmit is.
marxys musing on technology
What do VHF and UHF mean?
We toss around these terms quite loosely even though they have precise definitions.
BBC announces World Service cutbacks
BBC to end production of radio output in 10 languages.
Detecting Starlink Satellites with a portable Raspberry Pi
Starlink beacons typically transmit at around 11.325 GHz.


Is your house bugged?
A current loop microphone can provide audio surveillance at low cost and high fidelity.
Leo's Bag of Tricks
Solved: RF interference from light dimmer switches
Quin and Tom explain how to get rid of RF interference.
Ham Radio Perspectives
HF & shortwave on the RTL-SDR
I've received many questions if this can be done, and the short answer is yes.
Tom the Dilettante
NØVCU boat anchor collection
In the shop he has many Swan transceivers, Collins, Drake and Cubic.

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