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Deep space ham sat, near-earth astroid this weekend, RaspPi plunge, more...
Deep space ham sat, near-earth astroid this weekend, RaspPi plunge, more...
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 26 September 6th, 2014

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New Amateur Radio vanity call sign fee set at $21.40
The FCC has adjusted very slightly downward — to $21.40 — its proposed Amateur Service vanity call sign regulatory fee for fiscal year 2014.
630m Trans-Pacific path heats up
It seems that the recent Trans-Pacific reception of WG2XIQ's Texan WSPR signal by VK2DDI has stirred up a lot of interest from the boys down under.
Near-Earth asteroid flyby this weekend
On Sunday, September 7th, a house-sized asteroid named '2014 RC' will fly through the Earth-Moon system approximately 40,000 km from our planet.
Abyss 2 Ham Radio satellite will travel to deep space, test amateurs' limits
By using an Amateur Radio service transponder, amateur stations can communicate with each other when the spacecraft is in near-Moon orbit.
Afternoon at Knox Mountain Pond
This afternoon Hanz W1JSB and I hiked up to Knox Mountain. What a beautiful place. We worked Russia, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Germany and Croatia.
About how long does it take for a vanity call sign request to complete?
I've done the payment and received the "thanks for your money" e-mail. How long after all this does it take for the FCC to decide if your vanity call sign is acceptable?
Taking the Raspberry Pi plunge
I've been considering getting a Raspberry Pi for a while. Several folks have asked me if I would port my Arduino Keyer code to it. So I decided to take the plunge and acquire a Pi from Newark / Element 14, along with some "fixins." I got the Model A Pi, along with a WiFi dongle, and a cute little enclosure.
Radio Artisan
"Archie's Ham Radio Adventure" comic artist Stan Goldberg is SK
Stan Goldberg, one of the artists responsible for Archie's Ham Radio Adventure, has passed away.


Logging and data modes with PZTLog
I am making more contacts and so I really need to centralize my logging. After looking at a number of programs I opted to give Charlie Davy’s (M0PZT) freeware PZTLog a try and after using it for a couple of weeks I am very impressed.


Ham Radio featured at Dave Ramsey studios
Ham Radio is featured in a video highlighting Dave Ramsey's chief engineer Matt Aaron KG4WXX.
Footage of powerful solar flares released by NASA
NASA has released new footage showing a series of powerful solar flares.

And finally...

Drone, ham radio destroyed amid headbutting assault
An Austin man is facing charges after police say he tossed a drone and a Yaesu FT-857D ham radio over the fence because he was tired of his neighbor 'getting in his head.'
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