Issue 260 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 260 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 260 November 5th, 2022
We learned this week that Richard Brunton G4TUT, publisher of Southgate Amateur Radio News, became a silent key. The labor of love Richard put into Southgate each day to create the web's only Ham focused daily news aggregate was Herculean and Southgate helped make this newsletter better every single week. Our community has lost a great champion of the hobby. RIP G4TUT.

Top links

Richard Brunton, G4TUT, Silent Key
For countless years, Richard was editor of the popular Southgate Amateur Radio News website.
Why I Quit QRP (and maybe shouldn't have)
I placed the blame for my lack of portable QRP QSOs on poor propagation. In hindsight, there could have been another explanation.
Ham Radio Outside the Box
AMSAT Amateur Satellite Database
Radio frequencies for amateur satellites orbiting Earth. Search and sort them by name, number and mode.
Build a passive radar with Software-Defined Radio
Spot stuff with the KrakenSDR and two TV antennas.
IEEE Spectrum
Drone to raise antenna using bait drop servo
This approach seems promising and I hope to try it out with a real antenna raising soon.
Marxys Musing On Technology
Making QO-100 contacts from North America--a new challenge
It is understandable that Amateur Radio operators in North America are disappointed that they cannot experience the fun of using QO-100.
Identify that antenna by sight
It's a skill that Radio Amateurs pick up over years but which it sometimes comes as a surprise to find that is not shared by everyone.
Hack A Day
Radio silence grows in Venezuela as government shutters dozens of stations
At least 50 stations in Venezuela have been closed so far this year by the Conatel regulator because it says they lack valid licenses.
Baluns and common-mode impedance: How much is enough?
This article starts by defining what a balun is (and is not) along with common-mode current and impedance.
On All Bands
Exploring the handy Prusik Knot
The Prusik knot is a simple, yet effective means to provide needed strain relief to wire antennas and coax.
POTAXXIA may be right for you
Pursue your passion while remaining in control.


GNU Radio Conference 2022 talks
YouTube playlist of all talks from the 2022 GNU Radio Conference.
Creating homemade tubes
Building a 1920s tube amplifier (and tubes!)

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