Issue 261 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 261 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 261 November 12th, 2022

Top links

DLARC comes online
Digital Library of Amateur Radio and Communications now available with first batch of collections.
Internet Archive
[Podcast] Deep dive into the M17 Project
M17 is developing a new digital radio protocol for data and voice that is open source.
Linux in the Ham Shack
The decline and fall of RaDAR
Participants set up a station, make 5 contacts, then tear down and move on.
Ham Radio Outside the Box
Simplifying antenna tuning with a manual tuner and a nano VNA
Something I have always hated doing is the whole tuning operation and transmitting while I did it.
QRZ Jumpstart Program gives away 2,000 radios
QRZ places a brand new radio into the hands of any person who has been licensed within the past 30 days.
Measuring height with atmospheric pressure
We're going to play around with the atmosphere around us, and do a little bit of math, to create a pressure sensor-based height measuring tool.
Radio manual archive
An archive of user manuals, service manuals, and schematics for hundreds of Amateur Radios.
BBC broadcast tech: then and now
We look at the BBC's pivotal role in making the broadcast and radio technology field what it is today.
Engineering and Technology
Special event station AU2JCB
A special event to commemorate the father of wireless communication, Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose.
Time to make a choke balun
These devices are present to control common mode currents.


10m FM QSO mobile: Florida <> Vermont
Conditions on 10m were fantastic this morning.
The giant Collins HF discone antenna at the Titan Missile Museum
An amazing place and a unique and equally amazing antenna that you can use.

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