Issue 262 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 262 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 262 November 19th, 2022

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Ever heard of the Heathkit SS-8000 Digital Transceiver?
The reason that very few Hams have heard of it is that it was never released.
CW Hotline
Think The Bat Phone for CW.
Ham Radio Solutions
DATV Trans-Atlantic experiments
Successful Digital Amateur TV tests on the 29 MHz band across the North Atlantic.
FediHams Digital Voice Network
This digital voice network is intended as a place to hang out for all the Fediverse hams.
Pride Radio Group
Pride Radio Group is a virtual radio club set up to demonstrate and promote acceptance within the hobby.
Pride Radio Group
Solar powered Meshtastic network
Austin Mesh is a community group working to build a mesh network of solar-powered Meshtastic radios.
Austin Mesh
Why do I want to buy so many Ham Radios?
What is it with this obsession of collecting radio gear?
The enduring Yaesu FT-817 and FT-818 series transceivers
Why choose a legacy design like the 817/818 when newer QRP transceivers have better overall field specs and features?
Book: War Diaries – A Radio Amateur
What it's been like for a radio listener and Ham Radio Operator living day-to-day in Kyiv since Russia invaded Ukraine earlier this year.
SWLing Post


When secret government numbers stations go wrong
Automated stations are prone to errors.
Ringway Manchester
A.I. and Amateur Radio
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and the future of Amateur Radio
Open Research Institute
W6MRR balloon launch
High altitude balloon launch, Pasadena California. W6MRR, KN6KZF, and K6EAU.
RX888 MK2 16BIT Software Defined Radio
64 MHz real time bandwidth on HF.
Tech Minds

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