Issue 263 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 263 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 263 November 26th, 2022

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SKYWARN Recognition Day set for December 3
The annual SKYWARN™ Recognition Day (SRD) on-the-air activity will take place Saturday.
Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communications surpasses 25,000 Items
DLARC has quickly grown to more than 25,000 items, including Ham Radio newsletters, podcasts, videos, books, and catalogs.
Survey: How do you find new nets?
We're researching how the Ham Radio community discovers nets. All information is anonymous.
Amateur Radio Weekly
HF & VHF Ocean Radars - 26 MHz to 43 MHz
Ocean radars measure ocean currents by emitting radio waves from shore-based transmitting antennas.
Decoding the Artemis I Orion vehicle
Seven hours after launch, I used two spare antennas from the Allen Telescope Array to record RF signals from Orion and some of the cubesats.
Lithium batteries in the cold: A guide
As a lithium battery cools, the chemical process that creates electricity slows down and the internal resistance of the battery goes up.
Off Grid Ham
The Luxemburg-Gorky effect
A phenomenon of cross modulation between two radio waves.
The SWLing Post
Stand alone SSTV camera
Despite the crude nature of SSTV it works surprisingly well.
Dzls Evil Genius Lair
FUNcube-1 (AO-73) now celebrating nine years in orbit
It has now transmitted more that 16 million data frames.


Exploring a 1 million Watt FM tower
Tour the super tower in Crestwood, MO, serving the entire St. Louis metro area.
Geerling Engineering
DIY sand battery
The theory, practice, and use
Robert Murray-Smith
Iowa Marine Mobile
Had a lot of fun experimenting RMOOTA (Random Metal Objects On The Air) with the boat today.

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