Issue 264 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 264 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 264 December 3rd, 2022

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Open-Source passive radar taken down for regulatory reasons
KrakenRF team has stumbled into an arms-trafficing legal roadblock for their KrakenSDR-based passive radar code.
Hack A Day
Turn a 20+ year old Yaesu FT-817 into a CW mean machine
It was quickly becoming clear to me that my humble FT-817 couldn’t cut the mustard in the world of serious CW operating.
Ham Radio Outside the Box
FCC OKs Ham-Military QSOs for Pearl Harbor Day
The FCC has approved an ARRL request to permit contacts to be made between amateur stations and military stations.
CQ Newsroom
Can you handle yet another 'OTA?
Coming soon to a body of fresh water near you.
40 MHz beacon in Denmark off air due to electricity costs
OZ7IGY has an annual electricity bill of more than 2,800 EUR.
FCC Commissioner advocates for preservation of AM Radio
FCC Commissioner Nathan Simington said AM radio is an "indispensable resource."
Radio World
Turning a trailer wiring harness into ready-made ground radials
Now we have four 25 foot radials. Bonus was all were different colors. Easy to untangle.
Raspberry NOAA V2 Edition 2023 image released
Raspberry Pi automated NOAA and Meteor weather satellite capture.
How to repair a broken solar panel
I learned that solar panels have bypass diodes and that if one fails, it will cause reduced output on a solar panel.
Mikes Tech Blog WB8ERJ
222 MHz: Is anybody there?
Amateur Radio on 222 MHz has endured several reallocations and other changes through the years.
On All Bands


Building your own electric motor
Hannah Fry delves into the inner workings of electric motors.
Innovative use of screwdriver antenna
Would counterpoises work better if the radials where pointed down at a 45 degree angle?
David Casler

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