Issue 266 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 266 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 266 December 10th, 2022

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KrakenSDR locates a repeater jammer in 1 hour
Using the KrakenSDR Radio Direction Finder, we were at the jammer's house in 60 minutes.
WTWW signs off permanently
Some programming moves to WRMI.
CQ Newsroom
I used modern digital modes and I have mixed feelings
I will be honest though, I am kind of stuck in the past.
WK4DS Amateur Radio Blog
What ever happened to Ramsey Electronics?
On November 10th 1999, Ramsey Electronics of Victor, New York, was raided by the United States Customs Service.
How to find out if your common mode current choke really works
Due to the skin effect current can flow along the inner surface of the coax shield as well as the outer surface.
Ham Radio Outside the Box
Listening for the CAS-5A Chinese satellite at 435 MHz
It's an unusual satellite in that it has transponders with a downlink in the 70cm band and uplinks on the 2m VHF band and the 15m HF band.
Where VOA’s broadcast infrastructure stands today
Shortwave retains a role in serving particularly difficult-to-reach audiences.
Radio World
Why scan?
The content that can be heard on scanners is, on occasion, astonishing.
SWLing Post


10m Contest recording
Featuring VR2XAN, ZL4CZ, EI7M, HS0ZET.
Sam Mulvey shows you how to FM radio
All about setting up the low-power FM radio station KTQA in Tacoma, WA.
Get to know the culture of Montana radio enthusiasts and their deep passion for ham radio.
Does my old screen door tune?
What I do with anything metal: See if it tunes as an antenna.

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