Issue 270 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 270 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 270 January 14th, 2023

Top links

Topband's poor winter performance
The rapid growth of solar Cycle 25 and its seemingly continuous flaring was the prime culprit.
Looking to ditch Twitter? Morse Code is back
Reviving a 200-year-old system, enthusiasts are putting the digit back in digital communication.
Smithsonian Magazine
How to install Winter Field Day logging software for Raspberry Pi
It has a similar look and feel to the infamous N3FJP Winter Field Day software.
Antennas popping up all over the foothills
We want to stop it now before it becomes a dumping ground for dozens and dozens of more antennas.
wfview: Open Source interface for Icom transceivers
Real-time spectrum analyzer data are displayed, and rig controls are presented.
Intro to AllStarLink
What it is, how to get started, and how I use it.
The Random Wire
10-Meter mayhem
Taking advantage of the hottest band in town.
SDRangel: ADS-B, AIS, APT, digital voice, POCSAG, APRS, RS41 radiosonde decoders
SDRangel is set apart because of its huge swath of built in demodulators and decoders.
Reducing RF noise from solar inverter by replacing capacitors
We quickly identified that the culprit was the Australian Selectronic SE42 inverter.
Marxy's Musing on Technology
How well do compromise antennas actually work?
Well, they work really good… for what they are.


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