Issue 272 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 272 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 272 February 4th, 2023

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Propagation prediction for 3Y0J on Bouvet Island
Regardless of what band you're on, look for sunrise and sunset times for Bouvet and your own location.
Device transmits radio waves with almost no power
A new ultra-low-power method of communication at first glance seems to violate the laws of physics.
The Conversation
Michigan: The first state to issue a Ham license plate
The first plates with Ham call signs on them were issued in Michigan for 1939.
Ham Radio and the Cult
The ARRL was not exactly enthusiastic about the operations from Jonestown.
A magic ground mobile antenna
I mount one of my two portable vertical antennas on a short aluminum pole which in turn is mounted on the hitch of my truck.
Ham Radio Outside the Box
AntRunner: Testing a low cost satellite antenna rotator
Overall, the AntRunner works as expected and was easily able to follow HRPT satellites across the sky.
What is a Spartan Sprint?
The Adventure Radio Society Spartan Sprint is a two hour QRP contest on the first Monday of every month.
Adventure Radio Society
The Pocket CB
In 1977, the world's smallest citizens band transceiver.


Yaesu FTM-500D announced
50W dual band C4FM mobile rig.
KK6USY Ham Radio Adventures
Rescued by Ham Radio
The story of a roadside rescue thanks to a Ham Radio Operator.
Talking to ChatGPT over DSTAR
A quick proof of concept connecting ChatGPT to Amateur Radio.
Angry Radio Relay League
A talk with an ARRL Director under the gun for an alleged ethics violation.
Ham Radio Now
1946 secret listening post radio receiver
Will it Work? Lets Restore it - The RCA CR-88
Mr Carlson's Lab

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