Issue 273 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 273 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 273 February 11th, 2023

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Morse Code is back
Ham Radio tunes in to a new generation. (Possible paywall)
The Times
No really, Morse Code is back
Spurred on by K-Pop bands who use it to leak hints about upcoming songs to fans.
Daily Mail
Need a resistor? Thank Otis Boykin
Otis Boykin, an engineer and inventor who holds numerous patents for electrical components, including one for the wire precision resistor.
FT8 on an original iMac G3
I would not recommend connecting a horribly insecure operating system like MacOS 9 to the internet these days.
Fox fined for using EAS Tone In football ad
The characteristic angry digital tones of the Emergency Alert System actually contain data encoded using the Specific Area Message Encoding protocol.
To re-cap or not to re-cap
Curious Marc on the electrolytic controversy in Ham Radio.
SolderSmoke Daily News
Did you know Bouvet Island is a POTA entity?
Bouvet Island is one of the rarest DX entities on the planet.
Avoid the loopy-ness of HF loops
The current ARRL Antenna Book mainly parrots the wisdom of "just use 450-ohm ladder line and you’ll be fine."
A directional antenna with just one straight wire – crazy?
Being called crazy is a compliment to my ears.
Ham Radio Outside the Box


Ham Radio basics: Working split operation
Working split in Ham Radio is one of those little-discussed topics that new Hams might not know exists.
Turn your patio umbrella into a 20 Meter Antenna
Greg takes us through the step-by-step process of building his antenna.
VarAC chat client for VARA HF [Windows only]
Here we take a look at the popular VarAC software that is the next step towards text chatting using RF Transceivers.
Tech Minds

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