Issue 277 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 277 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 277 March 11th, 2023

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Hedy Lamarr and frequency hopping technology
Hedy Lamarr was a Hollywood actress in the 1940s as well as an inventor who holds the patent for frequency hopping, which is used in wireless communications today like WiFi.
FreeDV digital voice mode gets boost from ARDC
FreeDV aims to bring open-source HF digital voice into the mainstream.
The Bouvet Letter from Alan VK6CQ
Expedition operational safety questioned.
Who benefits by removing AM from cars?
Car manufacturers claim they cannot suppress noise getting into the AM signals in their electric vehicles. This article presents the viewpoint of three people who beg to disagree.
Radio World
HamAlert: Receive Spots via SMS, push notification
A system that allows you to get notifications when a desired station appears on the DX cluster, the Reverse Beacon Network, SOTAwatch, POTA, or PSK Reporter.
CQ Magazine brings on new Associate Editor
Sabrina Herman, KB3UJW, named CQ magazine's Associate Editor.
CQ Newsroom
OpenWebRX fork with additional decoders
Additional decoders include SSTV, CW, and RTTY.
TikTok Hams: K5ATA Goodgame Ham Radio
Husband, Father, ARRL Education and Learning Manager, YouTuber, coffee addict.
Stealth QRP transmitter in Berlin
Operating a stealth QRP transmitter in a Berlin hotel room was an interesting Ham Radio experiment.
CB band DX frequencies for SSB fun
10m and 11m is HOT these days as the sunspots help push the MUF up higher as we move into Cycle 25.
Bike-portable with the AX1 antenna
I set up my TR-35 on a bench in the picnic area and mounted the AX1 on the handlebars of my bike.


Longwave tower demolished in favor of FM
RÚV's long wave transmitter in East Iceland has been demolished.

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