Issue 278 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 278 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 278 March 18th, 2023

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An A.I. radio host
RadioGPT can talk. It can research. It can take your calls. And it could be coming to your market.
Amateur Radio License Map
Use this map to find Amateur Radio license holders in the United States.
Amateur Radio License Map
Ham Radio 101: Soldering tips
Learning how to solder using proper techniques is a fundamental skill every Ham should master.
Lamenting the loss of the old Novice bands
I think new ops trying to learn CW are at a significant disadvantage.
Citizens Band QSL card
I'm one of those Amateur Radio operators that started the hobby at end of the 70s on CB.
DIY drive-on antenna mast
Unlike most Drive-on mast mounts, I didn't want to use metal because it tends to be difficult to store in the Jeep.
Mikes Tech Blog
Oscilloscope graphics just for fun
The result is a smooth but delightfully retro effect which is best viewed on a old cathode ray oscilloscope.
Dzl's Evil Genius Lair


Setting up AREDN Tunnels for Ham Radio
Setting up an AREDN tunnel server so that other AREDN nodes that have internet connections can connect.
Ham Radio 2.0
Amazing one Watt SSB QRP
Making a contact on 20 meters from Poland to the USA with just 1 Watt.
3Y0J DXpedition behind the scenes
The first presentation on what life was like for the 3Y0J DXpedition.
Northern Illinois DX Association

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