Issue 280 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 280 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 280 April 8th, 2023

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Ria Jairam steps down from ARRL board, joins ARDC board [PDF]
"Ria is a powerful voice in amateur radio..."
HamTestOnline to shut down
Owner John, W1AI, will shut down the site on June 30th unless a buyer can be found.
New digital mode: FreeData
A new digital mode that uses the OFDM modem code from FreeDV for having keyboard to keyboard chats.
marxy's musing on technology
Code execution exploit via APRS
An exploit targeting WinAPRS and WIndows XP allows code execution on remote PC.
How times have changed for portable ops
In the 60s, you wouldn't operate for long off a battery with the amperage needed to warm all those tubes.
Benefits of the Yaesu XF-130CN 300 Hz Crystal Roofing Filter
From the video you can hear that there is a very small demonstrable difference in strong signal rejection.
Ham Radio QRP
Delta loopy ideas
A delta loop has multiple possible feedpoints and the choice has to be made very carefully.
Ham Radio Outside the Box
World Amateur Radio Day is April 18
The day is being celebrated with a 2-week operating event occurring April 11 - 25.
Military reliance on HF on the rise?
HF, unlike landline connections and submarine cables, cannot be blocked.
The SWLing Post
LIFEPO4 batteries for portable operations
For the same capacity they are more than half the weight of SLA batteries.


1944 soldering iron training film
1944 US Office of Education black-and-white training film.
Homemade spy transmitter
Designing a small spy transmitter using two tubes.
Helge Fykse
PCB Yagi antenna for 2.4GHz
WA5VJB PCB based antenna tested.

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