Issue 281 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 281 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 281 April 15th, 2023

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The RFNM: A next generation SDR
10 MHz to 7200 MHz tuning range, 12-Bit ADCs and up to 612 MHz bandwidth.
DIY portable ops truck desk
The desk is comfortable to use and the truck can be driven when the desk is installed.
GridTracker receives 2023 Amateur Radio Software Award
The award recognizes software projects that enhance Amateur Radio.
NTIA identifying spectrum to be repurposed
Agency is seeking public input on identifying new spectrum bands for potential repurposing.
CQ Newsroom
Ofcom hints at licence changes
"We will consult on proposals to simplify our licensing framework for Amateur Radio licensing."
Essex Ham
Tuning a Mag Loop via smartphone
You normally have an adjustment capacitor to tune the antenna to different frequencies.
Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting open additional hours for Hamvention
New exhibits include a dedicated room for Amateur Radio.
VOA Museum
Get in shape for Hamvention
Start walking a little each day and be in better shape for walking Hamvention.


How to wind a toroid inductor
The real trick is often how to hold the toroid core.
How I'm logging my Parks on the Air (POTA) contacts
Getting back to basics by looking at key parts of a Parks on the Air activation.
KB9VBR Antennas
Build a DIY dipole antenna
A 10m dipole without a balun or commercial center insulator.
5G to 6G cellular technology
The evolution of cellular technology in relation to First Net & ARES.
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