Issue 282 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 282 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 282 April 22nd, 2023

Top links

Meteor scatter propagation: How it works & getting on the air
Harnessing meteors for your VHF QSOs.
Your radio's filters may be wider than you think
AM bandwidth confusion: IF filters today vs. yesterday.
SWLing Post
GNU Radio Tutorials
GNU Radio can be used with readily-available low-cost external RF hardware to create software-defined radios.
GNU Radio
FCC warns Portland church to shut down pirate FM station
Because Eastside Free Methodist Church owns the building, it is potentially on the hook for enforcement action.
Inside Radio
MicroHams Digital Conference
This conference is presented each year to inspire, inform, and educate about the leading edge of digital communications.
A beautiful day for SOTA
I woke up that morning, drank a cup of coffee, looked outside and knew what would be in store the day: a SOTA activation!
It's time for some Pi
Raspberry Pi is all new to me.
Wearable Morse Code trainer
WristMorse communicator can also act as a Bluetooth keyboard.
A surprise new field portable antenna
Some ideas worked, others failed but now I believe I have found the ideal candidate.
Ham Radio Outside the Box


Radio communication for overlanding
Considerations when traveling to remote locations.
Ham and Quackers: Episode 1
Building a way for people to connect within the Ham Radio community.
Ham and Quackers
Easy to build vertical no-radial HF antenna
Multiband HF antenna for 20 through 10 meters.
2 meter FM via airplane
Flight from Tacoma Narrows Airport over Olympic National Park.
SOG Pilot

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