Issue 283 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 283 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 283 April 29th, 2023

Top links

Vacuum tube-making on the comeback in the US
Production will resume of the single-ended triode tube known as the 300B.
ICQ Podcast
The Morse Code revival
How dots and dashes are being embraced by a new generation.
National World
2023 Hamvention Awards
Club of the Year (W2ZQ), Technical Achievement (WA3FET), and Amateur of the Year (DM9EE).
A coax cable horror story
Two RG316 cables out of 3 from AliExpress had an attenuation of more than 4dB.
Omniangle omnidirectional antennas
Stacked for more fun.
K5ND celebrates 30 years
New operating award celebrates 3 decades of service.
Special event: K4A 9-11 Still in Our Hearts and Mind
The Alabama Contest Group will honor the victims of 9-11 September 8 through September 12.
Alabama Contest Group
Online Ham Radio bootcamp
Includes a series of demonstrations and tutorials designed to help new Hams.
Nashua Area Radio Society
Bob's bespoke rack of radios
You simply cannot have enough radios – a principle I learned a long time ago.
SWLing Post


AREDN basics and tutorial
AREDN is a fast, IP-based wireless mesh network using cheap commercial components.
POTA setup and activation
From K-0661, Ocean Springs, MS with a live duck, Mochi.
Ham and Quackers
How photographs were transmitted by wire
Dramatization of how photographs are transmitted by wire, an exciting new technology in the 1930s.
Charlie Dean Archives

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