Issue 284 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 284 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 284 May 6th, 2023

Editor's Note

I'd like to take just a moment away from today's issue to announce a new project and ask for your feedback. The new project is a website called NetFinder, and the goal is to be the definitive Ham Radio net directory on the web.

It's early days and very ambitious, but there's enough there to start kicking the tires. I'd love to hear what you think!
Read more about the project here. Or jump straight to the directory. 73 K4HCK

Top links

DLARC Ham Radio library surpasses 75,000 items
Internet Archive's Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communications continues to expand.
SSTV transmissions May 7-13
SSTV from ORBICRAFT-ZORKIY. Diplomas available upon receiving 3 of 6 images.
APRS Thursday
#APRSThursday is an APRS based net held each Thursday.
In the age of social media, Hams in Wyoming still use the airwaves
Besides connecting with people all over the world, operators also help out with emergency communications.
Cowboy State Daily
Preparing for ARRL Field Day
How are your coaxial cables looking these days?
Students wanted for online Ham Radio course
NRAO is looking for 20 learners (18-20 years old) with an interest in learning about the electromagnetic spectrum and Ham Radio.
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
$30 Lowe's antenna
I went to Lowe's and after wandering around, here's what I came up with.
Listening to satellites: A journey with my RTL-SDR V3
A log of my personal journey with satellite RF.
Mohsen Tahmasebi
LoRa moon bounce
A group of students is taking the long range moniker to the extreme.
Is RG-8X the general purpose coaxial cable
Signal loss may be a more significant limitation.


Radio off-grid from a cabin in Norway
Everything is either solar or generator powered.
Say hello to FreeDATA
Setting up FreeDATA, keyboard-to-keyboard chat over RF.
Blowing up capacitors
Gav and Dan overload some capacitors and film the explosive results at 187,500 fps.
The Slow Mo Guys

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