Issue 286 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 286 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 286 May 20th, 2023

Announcing Amateur Radio Daily

I was planning to announce this as a celebration of the 300th issue of ARW, but events transpired to allow this to happen much sooner!
Amateur Radio Daily is a web site (and RSS feed) highlighting additional and more timely events beyond what's featured in this email newsletter. So if you find yourself craving just a bit more Ham Radio news, please check out Amateur Radio Daily.
It's all a big experiment and feedback is welcome. For more info around how this project came together, read on.
73, Cale K4HCK

Top links

AuGratin: POTA hunter utility
AuGratin allows a POTA hunter to easily log contacts with activators.
Shortwave DB: Shortwave transmitter map
For radio enthusiasts, DXers, or anybody with a shortwave radio to help identify shortwave signals or to view general broadcast schedules.
Shortwave DB
Simplest way to guy a telescopic fiberglass antenna pole
My needs are fairly basic: rapid deployment, lightweight and uncomplicated.
Ham Radio Outside the Box
SolderBaloney and SolderTruth
This is so nuts that it actually had me checking to see if this was possibly an April 1 joke. But alas, it is quite serious.
SolderSmoke Daily News
National Hurricane Center Amateur Radio Station annual test
The Amateur Radio station of the National Hurricane Center, WX4NHC, located in Miami, will conduct their on-the-air test on Saturday, May 27.
102 US Representatives ask carmakers to keep AM radio
They also ask if past federal loans and subsidies could mitigate the cost of interference remediation.
Radio World
Chairman of the DRM Consortium: DRM is smart and on the way up
It's versatile, flexible, and spectrum and energy efficient — so much more so than classic radio broadcast.
Radio World
Marconi "T" HF aerial switch
It's quite easy to make your conventional Doublet, Dipole, or G5RV become a "T" antenna.


Boeing 737 ground-to-air Ham Radio contact
Contact with AI7RP piloting a Boeing 737 from Detroit to Seattle from 284 miles at 34,000 feet on 10 meters.
Using your US HT in Europe
What kind of license do I need? Where and how can I operate?
Corner antenna
Having fun with a corner reflector dipole.

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