Issue 287 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 287 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 287 May 27th, 2023

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HamClock: Keep track of much more than the time
HamClock is a kiosk-style application that provides real time space weather, radio propagation models, operating events and other information particularly useful to the Radio Amateur.
Open Headset Interconnect Standard
We have no such standards for the interface between the user and the radio. Is the microphone a dynamic, or electret? Is it balanced, pseudo balanced, or unbalanced?
$100k offered for solutions to deliberate QRM
The Northern California DX Foundation recognizes the negative aspect deliberate QRMers are having on our hobby.
Titanic: Amateur Radio heard SOS 3,000 miles away
Among the first to respond was an Amateur Radio operator some 3,000 miles away in south Wales.
Photos of 2023 Hamvention
Mike (VE3MKX) shares photos from the 2023 Hamvention.
SWLing Post
FT8 Telegram bot
Maybe you do not want to spend time waiting for the magic red line to appear.


Arctic Circle Off Grid
An off-grid data communications field test above the Arctic Circle.
Fastest no tune 80 10 EFHW NVIS antenna
Chalk Line based Ham Radio Antenna.
Bucktail Outdoor Research
Receiving and decoding GreenCube CubeSat
Here we take a look at how to receive and decode GreenCube using an SDR receiver.
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