Issue 290 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 290 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 290 June 17th, 2023

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Legislation to remove antenna restrictions on Amateur Radio introduced in Congress
Bill to remove barriers to disaster and emergency communications and training.
Listening to the ISS on the cheap
What do you need to talk to a $100 billion space station? As it turns out, about $60 worth of stuff will do.
King Hussein radio equipment donated to RSGB
A permanent display is being organised at the RSGB National Radio Centre.
Video showing Flipper Zero smoking a smart meter may be fake
Meter featured in the video does not have any ability to be switched on and off wirelessly.
June 2023 VHF Contest — A non-stop Es blast
The 2023 edition of the ARRL June VHF Contest hit an all-time high for my home station.
Field Day countdown
To QRP or QRO?
Five tips for a successful Field Day
Here are a few friendly reminders to help make this year's event the most successful ever.
Ham Radio & the Art of Bushcraft
Keep calm and carry in.
Ham Radio Outside the Box


Detecting meteors with software defined radio
We take a look at how we receive and detect meteors as they burn their way into earth's atmosphere.
Tech Minds
Adventures on 122GHz
An introduction to the challenges of operating on 122GHz.
Get local weather info over APRS
Send the message "n 3" to "WXNOW" to get a weather report.

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