Issue 291 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 291 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 291 June 24th, 2023

Programming Note

Amateur Radio Weekly will take a brief pause over the next two weeks. I'll be travelling and won't have the proper time to dedicate to the world of Amateur Radio. See you back here on July 15th! 73 Cale K4HCK

Top links

This weekend is Field Day
Find an event happening near you.
13 Colonies special event begins July 1
Event runs from July 1 through July 8 and consists of 13 colony stations and 2 bonus stations.
13 Colonies
Ofcom proposes multitude of changes to licensing framework
Changes include additional access to spectrum and airborne use.
Amateur Radio Daily
Report sheds some light on Icom's Amateur Radio strategy
The report paints a picture of what Icom's business strategy will be over the next three years.
Amateur Radio Moonshots
The 5 things that show the most promise in revolutionizing Amateur Radio.
Zero Retries
Cornbread Road: An episodic Ham Radio mystery
Thirteen episodes originally released once per week from the summer solstice until the autumnal equinox.
Amateur Radio helps air show fly high
Middle Tennessee radio clubs partnered to provide operations support throughout the 2023 Great Tennessee Air Show.
My father may be gone, but our radio is still going
My most prized possession was once somebody's trash.
Los Angeles Times
How to take advantage of ARRL log archives
The original logs from the 1977 KA1S operation were indeed on file.
Modding the Quansheng UV-K5 HT
A collection of modified firmwares for the Quansheng UV-K5 radio.
The NVIS illusion
I don't think there is any subject that is so misunderstood by Hams as NVIS.
Ham Radio Outside the Box
Get in over your head
Starting off on something that you don’t already know how to do provides you with a fearlessness.


Ham Radio enthusiast's long road since the Derecho
Tower collapse and community to the rescue.

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