Issue 293 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 293 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 293 July 22nd, 2023

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Special ISS SSTV experiment scheduled for ARRL Teacher's Institute
The pass will be over the Mid-Atlantic area with transmissions scheduled to begin at 16:05 ET and ending at 16:20 ET.
Building a simple Faraday Cage
This article describes the effects of EMP and CME and how to build a simple inexpensive Faraday cage.
Survival Blog
Monitoring the temperature of our radios
A stick-on temperature label may be the answer.
How does a ground tuning unit work?
Tuning an entire planet? Now that's a different matter!
Ham Radio Outside the Box
HOA antenna challenges
How I accepted the antenna challenge and kept the HOA hounds or condo cops from having their heads spin backwards.
Modifying a battery fan to also run from 12 volts
A blog post about a fan? Really?
Careers for Hams: ARRL is hiring
ARRL has open positions for full-time employment in both technical and non-technical areas of the association.


RadioBerry HF SDR transceiver Pi Hat
RadioBerry has a maximum bandwidth of 384 kHz and an operating frequency range of 0 to 30 MHz.
Tech Minds
Interview with SP5WWP of the M17 Project
Why SP5WWP created M17 and how to get started with it.
Ria's Ham Shack
Inside the ARRL with CEO David Minster NA2AA
A free-wheeling conversation about culture and being responsive.
Stealth HOA Ham Radio antenna flag pole
The HOA will never know.

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