Issue 294 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 294 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 294 August 19th, 2023

Top links

RTL-SDR V4 dongle initial release
The HF design consists of a SA612 double-balanced mixer circuit with front end filtering.
A 200ft wire antenna up zero feet
How does it perform?
Ham Radio Outside the Box
Hack the ARRL
Creatively overcoming the limitations of the ARRL.
APSPOT: APRS spotting tool
APSPOT is a new APRS system designed to provide a one-stop shop for self spotting activations via APRS.
A declaration of love to Amateur Radio
Since the spring of 2019, practically not a day has gone by that I have not engaged in some form of Amateur Radio.
Python Telegram bot for lookups
The code is available on GitLab.
SolarPi experiment 2: Finally something that works
It finally works, but there are still some challenges I need to solve in the long term.
Activating a park on the side of the road
I had a great time doing it even with the traffic on the other side of the truck.
Dos and don'ts on Greencube IO-117
IO-117 is a medium earth orbit satellite meaning it is moving rather slow compared to low earth orbit satellites.


Inside the EPMAK transceiver
A look at the EPMAK SDR HF transceiver.
Vertical half wave antenna - QRP portable
Working Australia from a beach in North Carolina 10 watts SSB QRP.
Coastal Waves and Wires

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