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Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 3 March 29th, 2014

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US Hams engage in tests with Federal Government on HF
Emergency communication efforts are being tested on 5MHz between Amateur Radio operators and United States government stationsusing the ALE digital protocol. Tests continue through April 7th.
Geostationary amateur satellite to launch in 2016
The Qatar Amateur Radio Society announced a geostationary satellite to be launched with two 2.4GHz to 10.45GHz transponders dedicated for amateur use in SSB, CW and data modes.
Amateur Radio saves lost hikers in California
A party of five hikers lost without phone service in San Emigdio Canyon used a hand-held transceiver to call on a local repeater for help.
DXHeat provides real-time DX spoting information
With progressive design in mind, DXHeat provides filtering, analytics, and beautiful graphics of real-time DX information reported by Amateurs from around the world.
$50SAT receives OSCAR number
One of the smallest Amateur Radio satellites ever launched, the $50SAT PocketQube has been designated Morehead OSCAR-76 by AMSAT.
Military Wireless Museum offers large photo collection
Military Wireless Museum preserves historical military radios from multiple countries. They also offer an impressive online photo catalog of their collection.
Military Wireless Museum


Build a super cheap, real-time aircraft radar system
Track aircraft position through ADS-B signal decoding on 1090MHz utilizing a $20 RTL-SDR dongle and some inexpensive software.
Working the linear-transponder satellites with a mag-mount vertical
W2RS describes how he successfully made contact on several satellites using a simple mag-mount dual-band antenna.
Turning a vacation into a DXpedition
During a trip to the US Virgin Islands, turns a vacation into a DXpedition without creating "marital discord".

And finally...

Discovery Channel features tower workers in hour long documentary
Wireless workers and the associated dangers of tower work are featured in a reality show style documentary produced by the Discovery Channel.
Tower King
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