Issue 301 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 301 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 301 October 7th, 2023

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Introduction to HF packeteering in the modern age
A brief overview of the current state of packet radio on the HF bands.
Discovery Dish pre-launch
A lightweight dish and feed for L-Band weather satellites and hydrogen line reception.
Double the Hamstick dipoles, double the fun
It's well secured to the chimney in a way that won't damage anything or anyone during the worst of Chicagoland weather.
Building a DIY end-fed halfwave matching unit on an RCA connector
I stick with the 49:1 windings on the transformer and a 100pF capacitor shunted to ground.
Amazing what you can build from your junk box
I did not order anything from Amazon, instead looking in my parts drawer.
Hot Iron Newsletter
A highly technical quarterly newsletter for Hams.
Counterpoise testing
Testing changes to the radials on a Hamstick system.
Space junk crackdown intensifies as FCC gives first-ever fine to Dish
The U.S. government is cracking down on potentially hazardous trash disposal — in space.
Washington Post


A fully-automatic RotoBug by WB9LPU
A system in which both dots and dashes are made by the same oscillating pendulum.
Antique Wireless Museum
Sci-Fi short film DUST
After repairing his Ham radio using parts found in the forest, a recluse radio operator receives a distress call from a stranded Soviet cosmonaut in orbit.

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