Issue 303 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 303 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 303 October 21st, 2023

Top links

US Congressional Amateur Radio advocate not seeking reelection
Rep. Debbie Lesko recently introduced legislation to remove FCC symbol rate limit.
ABC 15
Revision of the RST standard for signal reporting
The time has arrived to adopt a new signal reporting system.
Meadow Day Experiment
Working Amateur Radio Operators using broadband Internet connectivity via Starlink.
ARDC seeking committee members for 2024
ARDCs mission is to support, promote, and enhance communication science and technology, promote Amateur Radio, scientific research, education, development, open access, and more.
Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex
Live analog TV within voice bandwidth.
Signals – Museum of Information Explosion
New museum aims to foster appreciation for communication technology.
Using a municipal flagpole for an antenna
My municipal flagpole antenna was doing fine business.
Ham Radio Outside the Box
Madeira HF beacon CS3B destroyed in wildfire
The CS3B was part of the International Beacon Project.


Ham Radio saves stranded motorist in New Jersey
There was no cell service to dispatch emergency services during Tropical Storm Ophelia.
My Simple HF Ham Radio antenna and shack apartment setup
How I setup a 10m dipole, an MFJ BigStick and a shack with limited space, to produce the results I was looking for.
2 meter band tape antenna is lightweight, portable
Duct tape, copper foil tape, and a way to connect to it can make for an amazing J-pole antenna.
Ham Radio Rookie
How to POTA and SOTA on VHF with a Technician License
Bring a chair, relax, enjoy the views, and most important have fun.

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