Issue 305 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 305 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 305 November 4th, 2023

Top links

Hams crowdsource ionospheric science during eclipse
Probing the ionosphere’s response to the 2023 annular solar eclipse.
A few photos of the new Elecraft KH1
The KH1 is even smaller than I imagined.
NASA tech breathes life into potentially game-changing antenna design
An inflatable device that creates wide collection apertures.
Get publicity for your club with a PSA
How to spread the word about Amateur Radio.
SSTV images received from the ISS
12 images were transmitted from the ISS during the 2023 verification test.
Is a compromise antenna efficient enough?
The antenna you put up always works better than the one you don’t put up.
Ham Radio Outside the Box
Backscatter on 28 MHz
Signals are being reflected back towards my location from some distant point.
Machine teaches Morse Code
The Instructograph.
Picking the best battery for portable Ham Radio
Lead Acid vs Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4).


High impedance amplifier for software defined radio
Converts Hi-Z (High Impedance antennas) to 50 Ohm.
Tech Minds
2M Yagi Ham Radio antenna that fits in a pocket
Designed for SOTA and versatile field use.
Ham Radio Rookie

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