Issue 314 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 314 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 314 January 6th, 2024

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The ARRL Board is at it again
A newly proposed Code of Conduct, which I believe is the equivalent of a loyalty, confidentiality and obedience pledge to the League itself and not to the members that elect us.
Going on a social media diet
Leaving Twitter, investing in Mastodon.
MeshCom 4.0
A project to exchange text messages via LoRa radio modules. MeshCom modules can be combined to form a mesh network, but can also be connected to a message network via MeshCom gateways, which are ideally connected via HAMNET.
2023: The Year in Radio
Ham Radio in 2023 was a continual source of rejuvenation and energy.
Introducing QSOMate
A Ham Radio logging application for iPhone, iPad, and macOS Desktop.
Mini-whips: Junk, right?
The results were very surprising.
Real-World Amateur Radio
Everything you wanted to know about Zulu Time
Zulu Time is the military name for Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).
AM or SSB are there 'windows?'
A new voice mode appeared in 1947, when Wes Schum, W9DYV introduced the first Amateur Radio SSB transmitter.
K9EID via
Somaiya students' Amateur Radio Satellite takes to the skies
Equipped with a voice repeater and digipeater, the satellite extends its services to the global Amateur Radio community,


Demo of 3 Ham study sites
Demo of 3 Amateur Radio study sites in under 3 minutes.
Branvini Films
Salmon Run 2023
WA State QSO Contest from Samish Overlook.
Working the ISS Ham Radio Repeater with a Baofeng
My first attempt working the International Space Station Ham Radio Repeater.

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