Issue 317 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 317 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 317 February 3rd, 2024

Top links

Neighborhood Watch utilizes GMRS
Sponsored by the Sand Canyon Volunteer Council and Tehachapi Valley CERT team in conjunction with the Tehachapi Amateur Radio Association.
Tehachapi News
DLARC preserves Ham Radio & More radio show
Ham Radio & More was a radio show about Amateur Radio that was broadcast from 1991 through 1997. More than 300 episodes of the program are now available online.
FreeDV January update
Applying Machine Learning (ML) techniques to quantise Codec 2 features.
Radio Orienteering Cyber-Coach
The Cyber-Coach will answer any question related to Radio Orienteering.
Amelia didn't know radio
That Earhart and Fred Noonan failed to reach Howland Island on their 1937 around-the-world flight because of radio problems has been said before—but little has been written about the specifics.
U.S. Naval Institute
CATS Mobile Transceiver
70 cm CATS mobile transceiver, with integrated GPS.
114 digital voice nets (PDF)
Various nets taking place on EchoLink, AllStarLink, IRLP, and more.
YLISSB celebrates 61 years on the air
The YLISSB operates on 14.332 MHz every day of the year.


Quartzfest 2024
A comprehensive video playlist of events at Quartzfest 2024.
What went wrong when I elevated my fan dipole?
To my dismay, when I checked the fan dipole antenna again, the SWR had gone beyond the tunable range of my automatic antenna tuner.
Johnson's Techworld
The Origins of Silicon Valley: Roots in Ham Radio
This talk focuses on the contributions of Amateur Radio to the development of a climate of innovation and collaboration in what has become Silicon Valley.

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