Issue 318 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 318 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 318 February 10th, 2024

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The first Amateur Radio station on the Moon is now transmitting
The JAXA Ham Radio Club (JHRC), JQ1ZVI, secured Amateur Radio license JS1YMG for LEV-1, which has been transmitting Morse code on 437.41 MHz.
Someone stole a Jasper radio station's 200-foot tower
"We're down here and the tower's gone."
AMSAT CubeSatSim beta release
The official release of the new Beta CubeSatSim hardware and software is finally here.
Exploring SATNOG
A revolutionary approach to satellite ground stations.
Visiting VOA Site B
K4RLC tours the Edward R. Murrow Transmitting Station.
Common CW abbreviations
A list of common abbreviations used in CW communications.
FOSDEM 2024 videos now available
Synthetic aperture WiFi RADAR, GPU DSP acceleration, and more.
Will large satellite constellations affect Earth's magnetic field?
It will coat the stratosphere and ionosphere with metal aerosols at levels never seen before.
Magic Band Revealed
Jim Wilson K5ND recently completed the third edition of the book Magic Band Revealed.
Taking the hiss out of QO-100
Even though the signals are mostly 59-59+15dB the background hiss is very pronounced and gets very tiring after a while.
Those darn wall-wart power supplies
It takes some of the legal liability burden off manufacturers if their product is powered by one of these adapters that isolates the somewhat dangerous 120 VAC from their equipment.
Radio World


Radio Interface Board - Sneak peek
A pre-production sample of the DigiPi Hat from ELEKITSORPARTS. This is the first solder-less way to hookup your dual-band rig to a Raspberry Pi.
Ham Radio Magic Tarp Antenna
As stealth as they come.

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